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WTO Cotton Web Page

Cotton is discussed at the WTO on two tracks:

  1. the trade reforms needed to address subsidies and high trade barriers for cotton, and
  2. the assistance provided to the cotton sector in developing countries.

The trade aspects of cotton are handled by the Committee on Agriculture in Special Session including through dedicated discussionson trade in cotton. The development assistance aspects of cotton are discussed in the meetings of the “Director-General’sConsultative Framework Mechanism on Cotton”.

These various tracks of discussion have been developed over the years as a response to a series of proposals to address thesector tabled by four African countries — Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad and Mali — known as the Cotton Four or C4.

Click here to access the WTO cotton webpage to learn about background information on the scope and mandate of the WTO workon cotton and access official WTO documents on cotton-related work.

Alternate Text

WTO Secretariat Background Paper

The Secretariat background paper includes factual information and data available from Members’ notifications and other official submissions to the WTO on market access (including non-tariff measures affecting cotton trade), domestic support and export competition in relation to cotton. The document is used to inform discussions on WTO Members’ cotton trade policies that took place biannually at the WTO.

Click here to access the paper and here for its amendment.

WTO-monitored Cotton Development Assistance

Discussions on the development assistance aspects of cotton take place twice a year in a forum known as the “Director General’s Consultative Framework Mechanism on Cotton”. The main purpose of these discussions is to track developments and exchange information on development assistance provided to developing countries. This is recorded through the so-called “Evolving Table on Cotton”. Click here to access the paper.

Type Development Community Programmes/Projects/Activities Value Operational Status Disbursement Status Beneficiaries
1 Australia Business Partnerships Platform: ethical cotton production in Kenya US$ 238,193 IP 2016-18   Kenya
1 Australia Business Partnerships Platform: improving access to global cotton markets for farmers in Pakistan US$ 380,500 IP 2016-18   Pakistan
1 European Commission Support to cotton recovery plan (Flex 2008) € 8,655,487 IP 2010-17 € 8,591,475 Côte d'Ivoire
1 European Commission Intercoton – Speed up in the law application regarding the rural property sector in the cotton pool € 925,500 IP 2016-18 € 519,919 Côte d'Ivoire
1 European Commission Consolidation of the Action Framework for the EU-Africa Partnership on Cotton € 11,000,000 IP 2012-16 € 9,359,765 All African producers
1 France Support to integrated management of agricultural resources (ASGIRAP) – C2D with a specific component for the enhancement of productivity in the cotton sector € 10,000,000 IP 2013-17 € 2,937,822 Cameroon
1 France C2D support to the cotton sector (road maintenance, animal traction agriculture, advice to producers, strengthening the cooperatives and supporting the interprofession) € 16,930,000 IP 2013-17 € 16,930,000 Côte d'Ivoire
1 France Study to relaunch the cotton sector € 190,000 IP   Guinea
1 France Improvement of productivity and sustainability of farms in cotton areas. Reinforcement of governance of cotton sector within the framework of the institutional reform: strengthening the capacities of the cooperatives and their unions; supporting the interprofessional dialogue; and supporting the development of a concerted policy in cotton areas € 11,000,000 IP 2008-17 € 8,603,136 Mali
1 France Study to facilitate the implementation of price fixing € 11,700 IP   Zambia
1 France Fair trade and organic cotton in West Africa € 3,000,000 PFS   € 3,000,000 West African countries
1 Germany Competitive African Cotton Initiative (COMPACT)/Promotion of cotton production in Sub-Saharan Africa Phase II (BMZ € 10,000,000; Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation € 11,800,000; Aid by Trade Foundation € 4,500,000) € 26,300,000 IP 2013-16 € 16,000,000 Western, Central and Eastern African countries (12 countries)
1 Netherlands Initiative Sustainable Trade (IDH): Cotton Value Chain Development € 16,500,000 PFS 2016-20   Brazil, China, India, Mali, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkey
1 Sweden Conservation Cotton TechnoServe Programme: Support to farmers in Northern Uganda to become efficient producers of cotton and staple food crops (in cooperation with jeans manufacturer Edun) € 256,213 IP 2014-15   Uganda
1 Switzerland Initiative Sustainable Trade (IDH): Cotton Value Chain Development US$ 780,000 IP 2016-20   Africa, Central Asia, China
1 Switzerland Value Chain Development of Organic and Fairtrade Cotton US$ 6,900,000 IP 2013-17 US$ 4,600,000 Burkina Faso, Mali, Kyrgyz Republic
1 United States C4 Cotton Partnership Programme (C4CP) US$ 14,800,000 IP 2014-18 US$ 5,910,000 C4
1 United States West Africa Technical Assistance Scholarship Program for Cotton US$ 150,000 IP 2014-19   C4 and Senegal
1 Brazil Programme for the development of the cotton sector in Africa US$ 19,840,863 IP 2012-18 US$ 9,929,915 Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Mozambique, Tanzania, Togo
1 Brazil Strengthening of the cotton sector through South-South Co-operation US$ 14,400,000 IP 2012-16 US$ 5,639,734 Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru
1 Brazil South-South cooperation for the promotion of decent work in cotton-producing countries in Africa and Latin America US$ 6,864,706 IP 2015-19 US$ 1,297,481 Mali, Mozambique, Paraguay, Peru, Tanzania
1 CFC (with ICAC, and co-funding from OPEC Fund for Intl' Dev.) National cotton classification systems US$ 2,500,000 IP 2011-17 US$ 846,071 Kenya and Mozambique
1 CFC (with ICAC, and co-funding from OPEC Fund for Intl' Dev.) ProCotton - Improving Productivity and Marketing through Support to Producer Organizations US$ 850,000 IP 2011- US$ 270,000 Tanzania and Zambia
1 FAO Competitiveness and sustainable strengthening of the cotton sector through the reinforcement of cotton farmers' capacities in the Integrated Production and Pest Management* US$ 3,315,650 IP 2012-16 US$ 3,000,000 Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal, Tanzania, Zambia
1 ITC Supporting Indian Trade and Investment for Africa US$ 2,000,000 IP 2015-20   Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda
1 UNCTAD Project on cotton by-products in Eastern and Southern Africa. COMESA Regional Cotton to Clothing Strategy US$ 591,000 IP 2016-19 US$ 202,704 Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe
2 Canada Support to microfinance US$ 8,548,355 IP 2010-17 US$ 9,164,984 Benin
2 Canada Enhancing Market Access for Farmers in East and West Africa US$ 1,100,000 IP 2014-19 FD Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast
2 Canada Les Savoirs des gens de la terre (LSGT) – UPA DI -P000948001 US$ 9,018,336 IP 2015-20 US$ 4,476,237 Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti and Senegal
2 Canada USC Canada Seeds of Survival 2015-2020 - P000953001 US$ 12,029,562 IP 2015-20 US$ 7,404,422 Burkina Faso, Mali, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua
2 Canada Scaling-up Conservation Agriculture in East Africa - Canadian Foodgrains Bank Association - P000912001 US$ 11,228,296 IP 2015-20 US$ 6,434,402 Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania
2 Canada Food Security Innovation and Mobilization - Fondation Jules et Paul-Émile Léger - P000949001 US$ 13,634,359 IP 2015-20 US$ 8,642,479 Burkina Faso, Bolivia and Peru
2 Canada Canadian International Food Security Research Fund Phase 2 US$ 40,101,056 IP 2013-19 US$ 37,602,508 Multi-country (Sub-Saharan Africa, South and South East Asia and South America)
2 Canada Valorisation et renforcement des capacités pour un accroissement de la sécurité alimentaire en Haïti – Université Laval P000448001 US$ 5,188,030 IP 2013-18 US$ 4,201,927 Haiti
2 Canada Building Capacities for Sustainable Livelihoods – McGill University P000438001 US$ 2,807,419 IP 2013-18 US$ 2,185,736 Ghana
2 Canada Malawi Farmer-to-Farmer Agroecology – University of Western Ontario P000449001 US$ 2,035,467 IP 2012-18 US$ 1,933,695 Malawi
2 Canada Market-led Improvement in Livelihood in Easter Amhara Region – Canadian Feed the Children P001044002 US$ 4,475,519 IP 2012-18 US$ 4,377,972 Ethiopia
2 Canada Radio to Farmer Value Chain Development – Farm Radio International P000434 US$ 1,603,800 IP 2012-17 US$ 1,523,610 Ghana, Malawi, Mali, Tanzania
2 Canada East Africa School WASH Program – WaterAid Canada P000419001 US$ 4,160,133 IP 2012-17 US$ 3,952,126 Ethiopia, Kenya & Uganda
2 Canada Lundin Foundation: Agri-business and microfinance for SMEs US$ 2,541,789 IP 2012-18 US$ 367,930 Two countries including Mali
2 Canada World Renew: Enhancing Food and Economic Security – Support for Sustainable Agriculture US$ 5,035,122 IP 2012-18 US$ 1,501,747 Multiple countries including Mali
2 Canada World Vision Canada (WVC): Systems Approach to Improving and Sustaining Food Security – Support for Sustainable Agriculture US$ 9,906,887 IP 2012-17 US$ 4,935,509 Four countries including Mali
2 Canada Trade Facilitation Office Canada: Canadian Market Access (SME development, including garment manufacturing) US$ 9,223,424 IP 2014-18 US$ 1,653,720 Multiple African countries including Burkina Faso and Mali
2 Canada Support to Agricultural Growth Program II US$ 15,106,000 IP 2015-20 US$ 4,777,500 Ethiopia
2 Japan Project for the Expansion of the Terminal Building at Kamuzu International Airport US$ 30,371,324 IP 2015-21 US$ 1,075,341 Malawi
2 Japan Mandimba-Lichinga road upgrading Project US$ 69,401,892 IP 2016-19 US$ 1,790,890 Mozambique
2 Japan Project for Improvement of Irrigated Rice Productivity in the Senegal River Valley US$ 208,786 IP 2016-21 US$ 207,699 Senegal
2 Japan Project for upgrading food production infrastructure US$ 38,151,393 IP 2012-18 US$ 25,158,358 Sudan
2 Japan Capacity development Project for irrigation scheme management in River Nile State US$ 804,473 IP 2015-19 US$ 800,491 Sudan
2 Japan Small-scale irrigation development Project US$ 35,279,893 IP 2014-17 US$ 28,527,710 Tanzania
2 Japan Project for improvement of Tazara Intersection US$ 50,197,676 IP 2015-19 US$ 13,402,955 Tanzania
2 Japan Project for the Road Rehabilitation of Mkoma II Sokoni-Lihanga via Chimemena Hill to Mkungu Road, Newala District, Mtwara Region US$ 101,405 IP 2015-19 FD Tanzania
2 Japan Irrigation development administration US$ 43,495 IP 2013-18 US$ 43,372 Tanzania
2 Japan Rural agricultural development US$ 115,413 IP 2014-18 US$ 114,988 Tanzania
2 Japan Project for irrigation human resource development by strengthening the capacity of Arusha Technical College US$ 547,666 IP 2014-17 US$ 545,068 Tanzania
2 Japan Rice Production Technologies for Food Security of African Countries US$ 70,681 IP 2014-18 US$ 70,313 Tanzania
2 Japan Project for Capacity Development for the Promotion of Irrigation Scheme Development under the District Agricultural Development Plan Phase 2 US$ 559,832 IP 2015-19 US$ 556,915 Tanzania
2 Japan Project for the Construction of Kara and Koumongou Bridge US$ 26,338,342 IP 2015-19 US$ 1,276,274 Togo
2 Japan Project for the improvement of the living environment in the southern area of Lusaka US$ 34,827,643 IP 2011-17 US$ 26,785,470 Zambia
2 Japan Technical cooperation Project on community-based smallholder irrigation (T-COBSI) US$ 2,066,429 IP 2013-17 US$ 2,056,632 Zambia
2 Japan Capacity building for bridges maintenance Project US$ 798,051 IP 2015-17 US$ 794,090 Zambia
2 Japan Advisor to the Department of Agriculture US$ 142,400 IP 2015-17 US$ 141,658 Zambia
2 United States Millennium Challenge Corporation Board   US$ 480,000,000 IP 2009-14 US$ 195,800,000 Burkina Faso
2 United States Millennium Challenge Corporation Board US$ 540,000,000 IP 2010-15 US$ 45,600,000 Senegal
2 United States African Competitiveness and Trade Expansion Initiative (ACTE) US$ 120,000,000 IP 2012-15   African countries
2 United States Overseas Private Investment Corp. – The Citibank Africa Facility providing investment guarantees US$ 125,000,000 IP 2005- US$ 75,000,000 Mali, Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, Angola, Botswana, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda
2 United States Overseas Private Investment Corp. – The EMP Africa Infrastructure Fund US$ 100,000,000 IP 2005-17 US$ 70,000,000 ECOWAS
2 United States Food for Progress Programme to encourage agriculture sector and market development US$ 15,631,458 IP 2015-20 US$ 14,770,290 Benin
2 United States Food for Progress Programme to encourage agriculture sector and market development US$ 35,980,000 IP 2015-20 FD Benin
2 United States Food for Progress Programme to encourage agriculture sector and market development US$ 18,600,000 IP 2012-16 US$ 17,488,257 Burkina Faso
2   Food for Progress Programme to encourage agriculture sector and market development US$ 11,819,277 IP 2014-18 US$ 11,475,406 Senegal
2 World Bank Agricultural Diversification and Market Development Project (P081567) US$ 110,531,534 IP 2017 US$ 88,669,103 Burkina Faso
2 World Bank Agricultural Productivity and Food Security Project (P114236) US$ 121,105,341 IP 2018 US$ 62,637,329 Burkina Faso
2 World Bank Fostering Agricultural Productivity in Mali (P095091)   US$ 89,040,784 IP 2018 US$ 53,894,405 Mali
2 World Bank Sustainable Land Management (PO99709) US$ 6,200,000 IP 2016 US$ 2,129,997 Mali
2 World Bank Agricultural Competitiveness Project (P112635)   US$ 56,816,592 IP 2016 US$ 56,445,531 Cameroon
2 World Bank Agriculture and Development Project (P104716) US$ 68,993,330 IP 2016 US$ 65,118,649 Liberia
2 World Bank Agricultural Sector Development Project (P085752) and additional financing (P115873) US$ 199,250,000 IP 2016 US$ 181,674,483 Tanzania
2 World Bank Agricultural Technology and Agribusiness Advisory Services (P109224) US$ 134,500,000 IP 2017 US$ 73,795,874 Uganda
2 World Bank Agro-Pastoral Productivity and Markets Development Project (P107343) US$ 39,616,532 IP 2016 FD Burundi
2 World Bank Irrigation Development and Support Project (P102459) US$ 105,315,122 IP 2018 US$ 27,704,803 Zambia
2  World Bank MZ PROIRRI Sustainable Irrigation Development (P107598) US$ 84,250,000 IP 2017 US$ 59,792,464 Mozambique
2 World Bank Agricultural Productivity and Diversification (P115886) US$ 46,000,000 IP 2016 US$ 38,968,335 Benin
2 World Bank Agricultural Sector Support Project (P118045) US$ 37,000,000 IP 2016 US$ 30,455,479 Togo
2 World Bank West Africa Agricultural Productivity Program APL - WAAP 1B (P117148) US$ 114,130,000 IP 2016 US$ 108,082,326 Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Nigeria
2 World Bank West Africa Agricultural Productivity Program APL - WAAP 1C (P122065) US$ 123,800,000 IP 2016 US$ 91,694,150 Benin, The Gambia, Liberia, Niger, Sierra Leone, Togo
2 World Bank West Africa Agricultural Productivity Program 2A (P129565) US$ 165,233,365 IP 2018 US$ 106,249,494 Ghana, Senegal
2 World Bank Agriculture Production Support Project (P126576) US$ 25,000,000 IP 2016 US$ 14,285,080 Chad
2 World Bank Agriculture Sector Support Project (P119308) US$ 47,088,689 IP 2017 US$ 20,986,704   Senegal

Agriculture Information Management System (AG-IMS)

Ag-IMS provides access to documents and records relevant under the WTO Agreement on Agriculture.

The system allows users to search and analyse (i) agriculture-related information notified by the Members and (ii) questions raised and responses provided in the context of the Review Process carried out by the Committee on Agriculture.

Click here to search agriculture notifications to the WTO.

Click here to search and analyze notified agriculture information at the WTO.

Click here to search and analyze relevant discussions held at the WTO Committee on Agriculture.