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Statistics for Cotton (HS 520100)

ICAC’s Sources of Estimates on Cotton Supply and Use

The Secretariat of the ICAC collects historical data on cotton supply and use by country, and formulates estimates and projections for the current and following seasons. The main statistics collected include harvested area, production, consumption, trade and stocks. Yields are generally estimated by dividing production by harvested area.

The sources used by the Secretariat may change over time, and continuous efforts are made to improve and expand the pool of information. For further information on ICAC data please go to

Export potential of Cotton (HS 520100) by exporting country

About the Export Potential Map

The Export Potential Map identifies products, markets and suppliers with (untapped) export potential as well as opportunitiesfor export diversification for 226 countries and territories and 4,238 products.

Based on the ITC export potential and diversification assessment methodology, it evaluates export performance, the targetmarket's demand and tariff conditions as well as bilateral links between the exporting country and target market toprovide a unique ranking of untapped opportunities.